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Hi, My Name is

Nathan Labat


About Me

I am a User Experience Designer from Seattle, WA. 

From my years of experience in the design field, I have adopted the philosophy of "Design for Good." Whether it is business development, personal development, or humanitarian aid, design has the capability of supporting people to live life to the fullest. 

Relationships are a very important part of my life. Through collaboration we can all reach our utmost potential.

When I am not designing I love spending time with my wife, friends, and playing and recording music.


I start every project with stakeholder interviews to establish business and user needs/goals.

Next I do some variation of research (user interviews, industry research, competitor research/analysis). Context is key to setting any project up for success.

Once I have a enough context, I generate functional and non-functional requirements to be evaluated and prioritized with the client.

The next steps involve creating the information architecture, and wireframes from the lowest to highest fidelity. Through these steps I am focusing on the layout, content, controls, and functionality for the user interface. I am also focusing on how the system responds and accommodates users to accomplish their goals.

Throughout this process, I create prototypes to gather feedback from the client.

Lastly, I visually stylize the wireframes to give them the commercial grade fit and finish the user deserves to experience. 


Product Design

Design Thinking

Information Architecture

Interaction Design


Visual Design